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SAT Marine

SAT, or Schedule Animation Tool, is an innovative multi-user software application that has been developed by Cambla to meet the needs of businesses operating within the subsea sector. The software provides an accurate visual representation of a vessel’s actual location and planned activities, making it easier for our clients to understand Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPs), construction sequences, plan integrated subsea and marine operations across the globe, and build engagement within a project team.

Why use SAT Marine?

SAT visualising and animating a vessel getting too close to another and causing a Close Approach warning

An industry first, SAT offers a time-saving scheduling tool that improves the accuracy and effciency of planning future operations. It transforms the way that vessel schedules are analysed before, during and after performing subsea operations. The software plays a major part in identifying potential SIMOPs. It is capable of identifying occasions when vessels are required to be in close proximity to other vessels or installations. It then generates a list of relevant SIMOPs or Close Approach Risk Assessments required to be carried out in advance.

  • SAT saves our clients a significant amount of man-hours by taking away the need for reviewing paper based Gantt chart schedules which can be time-consuming, cumbersome and error-prone.
  • The SAT visual animation is an effective way of building consensus and engagement within the project team, ensuring everyone is aligned to the same schedule. It is a particularly valuable tool for those who are not accustomed to reading schedules.
  • SAT saves our clients a significant amount of man-hours. The animation can be easily and quickly updated when a current vessel schedule becomes available, ensuring the animation is updated on a regular weekly or monthly cycle.

We have designed the tool to be web-based so it can be accessed anywhere, at any time, from any computer. The information is stored centrally, eliminating the requirement to share files via email. Users will not encounter issues if other members of the team are using different versions of the model, the same data will be displayed across the whole team.

How it works

SAT visualising and animating many vessels operating simultaneously

Our clients provide us with their schedule information from various sources and/or different formats. SAT takes this schedule information and converts it into a 4D model using Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project as the data repository.

Cambla can tailor the software to meet client requirements and create a bespoke model to suit, which can be easily updated. The models can be accessed securely online by the project team, eliminating the need to transfer extensive paperwork. The tool allows multiple-user access, allowing more than one team member to use the software at any one time.

Each model allows:

  • An overview of all marine activity in one tool, planned and actual
  • SIMOPs to be identified and analysed
  • Construction sequences to be visualised and verified
  • Resolution of claims and input to forensic planning
  • Owner infrastructure, FPSOs and platforms can be added
  • For altering into a specific time span e.g. a week, a month or any two dates

Want to know more?

We are proud to bring this state-of-the-art technology to the marketplace. SAT is the only animation tool currently available that improves the scheduling of expensive vessels.

If you want to discuss the features of SAT and find out how it can support the scheduling of your marine operations please get in touch - alexander.macleod@cambla.co.uk

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