Our Service

The Collaborative Approach

An effective schedule is much more than simply the sum of its parts.

The best outcomes are built on common understanding, collaboration, in-depth knowledge and a consistent approach.


  • Assess the project scope and estimate the hours required
  • Provide a fully trained, motivated specialist, pitched at the right level
  • Execute the scope right from the start through implementation to reporting and refinement: delivering high quality outputs, including schedules, procedures and assessments
  • Provide ongoing support and further on-site assistance, if needed

We foster collaboration through planning sessions: mapping out schedules and building productive relationships from the outset.

Our trained personnel have easy access to Cambla's considerable collective expertise through our comprehensive internal knowledge management system.

Our Process Diagram

The Toolkit

If you're working on a greenfield development, or planning an asset modification, we can make a tangible difference to that project’s success.

We tailor our service, providing you with the right level of analysis and advice: augmenting your decision-making process over the short or long term.

We use our pre-built toolkit, comprising specialist software, ensuring clarity from the outset:


  • Planning methodology and reporting calendar
  • Schedule hierarchy and work breakdown structures
  • Exact engineering resource requirement and histograms

Implementation, reporting and refinement:

  • Level 1 plans and accompanying narrative, including risk analysis and scenario modelling
  • An exceptionally wide range of reporting tools including comprehensive monthly planning documents, dashboards and s-curves: detailing progress on milestones, key phases and time spent, as well as drilling updates

For more complex requirements, our enhanced services include:

  • Integrated planning sessions and systems
  • Level 2 schedules and probabilistic planning: providing a comprehensive picture with ranges for each variable, including duration and cost: enabling you to anticipate, mitigate and respond to risks
  • Building and maintaining detailed level 3 and 4 plans and accompanying narrative, from itemised milestones, through to schedules for specific EPC deliverables
  • Expert review and quality analysis: Ensuring all schedules and procedures, including contractors' plans and operators’ reports, align with industry guidelines and are constructed and presented correctly
  • Specialist advice and highly effective preparation for Independent Project Analysis (IPA) evaluation and benchmarking


  • Centrica
  • Marathon Oil
  • Taqa
  • Det Norske
  • Technip
  • Marathon Oil Decommissioning
  • Project Development International